me1Hi Everyone! I’m Ryan Gearhart, artist and owner of North Star Photographs … that’s me in the picture. I’m stoked to let you know this is my 17th year photographing people.

All of my experiences along my photographic journey have led me to study, practice, and LOVE the art of portrait journalism. Weddings and Portraits of all kinds are my absolute passion! I’m thankful to have the opportunity to present photography as a boundless art that transcends snapping shots and social media fanfare.

My photographic journey started early with film and an analog camera. As a teenager, I found that knowing how the manual camera captures and manipulates light was not only fascinating, but also essential for consistently taking good photographs.

These days, I’m Based in Northern Michigan with my wonderful family of four. My work allows me to travel throughout this excellent state while utilizing it’s beauty. I love interacting with my clients, exhibiting kindness and delivering extra special photographs along the way. 


I love and get inspired by…

the band Grandaddy

the show Look Around You

a good Caesar salad

the writer/speaker, Science Mike

vintage Mod fashion

brainstorming for my clients

all the little Boston Terriers of the world

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