3 Responses to The Appleseed Collective

  1. Ryan, I know I already did this several times, but I seriously want to thank you for taking the time to teach me about photography. I am excited about this new lens. I am most excited about not feeling like a technical dunderhead when it comes to this marvelous art form.

    The weather’s getting me a little down. But having the assignment to use the new lens ad play with the manual setting gives me some art in my life amidst all the paper grading and other busi-ness.

    I’ll be ready for another lesson in a few weeks. You can give it to me via email if you’d like.

    Thank you again,
    P.S. These pictures are the bomb! I especially like the one of Andrew taken from outside.

  2. After having studied these photos a few times I am still amazed that this group was at our farm and that we were fortunate enough to have a professional photographer on site for their splendid house concert. Ryan, you captured the essence of these talented folks. Thank you for caring so much about your art!

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